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Februari 15, 2009

Results Semifinal European Mixed Championships ’09 : Rolled Off Poland, England Meet Denmark

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As many people predicted people, England finally make it through final battle against dfending champion, Denmark. Without Gail Emms on their team and lack of singles players, the home soil almost lost their game against Poland. But thanks to Elizabeth Cann and the other two ladies (Donna and Jenny, red) whose played very well with their winning spirit.

Denmark beat Russia 3-0

The match between defending champion and new raising country opened with Mixed Doubles. The winner of Super Series Final last year, Thomas Laybourn/Kamilla Ritter Juhl against Vitaly Durkin/Nina Vislova. The different level of these two pairs makes the Danish leading 5-2 and 11-4 before toilet break. Thomas and Kamilla not only play well in front of the net with their defense and netting but also look superb with their placing.

The Russian came close with 9-13 before their giving 5 points away to Danish. Leading 20-12, Thomas/Kamilla finally took this set 21-13. Vitaly and Nina change their strategy in the 2nd set with many of placing in baseline. Few errors and bad netting by two Danes make the Russian lead the game 5-2, 7-5 and 10-7. But with their experience, Thomas/Kamilla comeback with their game and tied the Russian at 13 and they slowly work on solidifying their lead 15-13 and 19-14 before clinching the game at 21-16.

Denmarks MS #2, Joachim Persson whose not play well at his first match, faced against Ivan Sozonov to make it double winner for Denmark. Ivan only keeing even until 5-all then falling behind as Persson takes the lead 8-5, 12-8 and 17-11 with his smash and netting until closed this set 21-14. From 8-3 in the 2nd game, Joachim ran away with it and wrapped up his victory 21-12.

Europe’s badminton queen, Tine Rasmussen showed off her power over Russian shining star, Ella Diehl. At the beginning of set, Tine went down with so many errors 5-11. After took some advices, Tine fixed her game and play more focus and patient. After tied up Ella at 16, Tine leads the game at critical point 17-16 and 20-17 before ended it 21-18.

In the 2nd, Tine played very well with her own and not giving any chance for Ella to rule her game. Leading 5-3, Tine took 10 consecutive points before reached match point 20-6. After giving 1 free point to Ella, Tine wrapped up the game 21-7 and seal Final ticket to her team.

England beat Poland 3-2

The prestigious matches happen in the afternoon session between home’s soil and Poland. World #4 and runner up French SS 2008, Anthony Clark/Donna Kellogg opened the game with Poland’s new pair, Michal Logosz/Natalia Pcztowiak. Only less than 30 minutes, England dusted off this new pair 21-15, 21-9.

Semifinalist Korea SS 2009, Przemyslaw Wacha changed the score 1-all after winning over 1st England MS, Andrew Smith. In the 1st game, Wacha took it easily with his lead 21-11. But everything looks so different in 2nd game. Andrew played very great with his smash and netting but having bad luck with his errors.

After went down 5-8, Andrew took the lead 13-9 and 15-12. The game run so tight until Wacha makes his first match point 20-18. But Andrew wouldn’t let his go, saving 2 match points and make it equaled at 20-all. Wacha finally found his magic touch after bad return from Andrew to win this game 22-20.

Kamilla Augustyn whose playing in Mixed changed her sector into single and replace Natalia Pcztowiak position. This strategy runs very well because Kamilla showed her skills to lead England #2, Elizabeth Cann game and took 1st 21-11. But lack of consistency make it worst for Kamilla in 2nd game. She has no chance to smash and working hard with so many errors. Leading 10-2 and 11-4, Cann took 10 consecutive points and ended the game 21-4.

The thrills came in decider set though. After close her gap from 1-3 to 4-5, Kamilla went down from her dignity 4-11. When Kamilla has so many errors, Cann comfortably leading the way with her smash and drop shot 14-5, 17-7, and 18-9 before closed the game 21-9.

Falling behind 1-2, Michal Logosz/Robert Mateusiak succeeded to tie up the score 2-2 after winning over semifinalist Hongkong SS 2008 and Malaysia SS 2009, Nathan Robertson/Anthony Clark. This two Polish lead the way from the first match until the score’s 12-9. Five consecutive points taken by Clark/Robertson changed the level into 14-12 for England.

Logosz and Mateusiak who played superb in front of the net and few errors in return revenge the England with 7 consecutive points 19-14. Critical points syndrome almost makes the Poland lost their game after Anthony/Nathan closed their gap 18-20 but Logosz and Mateusiak played more patient and ended this 1st match, 21-18. In the 2nd game, the Polish rolled up the way since the beginning. With their smashing and netting they’re crashed out Robertson/Clark 7-2, 10-4, 15-6 and 19-11 before closed the game 21-12.

The decider match is women’s doubles Kamilla Augustyn partnering with Malgorzata Kurdelska against new collaboration, Donna Kellogg/Jenny Wallwork. The England took 1st set 21-12 after leading 16-10 with their smashing and blocking.

Everything has changed in 2nd game. Although the England still played aggressively with their smashing and netting but unfortunately thumbs down with so many errors. With their comfortably leading since the beginning of game, Augustyn and Kurdelska wrapped it up 21-17.

The decider game which means deciding which team will go through final battle not quite interesting for Polish. Kellogg/Wallwork fully ruled out the game after leading with 14-8 and 17-10. The home’s spectators finally celebrate with their team after these two ladies won 21-12 and took final ticket against defending champion, Denmark.

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