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Maret 2, 2009

Final Results German Open ’09 : Yihan Creates Upset, Korea Secures 1 Title

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Wang Yihan was the only Chinese player who creates upset over her compatriot’s, Zhu Lin (1) in final match of Yonex German Open when Zhao Yunlei claimed her two titles in a row for this year. Meanwhile, Japanese should go home with empty hand after their last shutlers lost to Korean heroes.

Tight Contest in the Ladies Event

Women’s doubles opened final match between two Chinese, Cheng Shu/Zhao Yunlei (6) and Pan Pan/Tian/Qing. In the first set, Cheng/Zhao dominate the match with their attacking smash. Many rally happen between both players as they have fantastic defense, but in the end Cheng/Zhao failed to give ‘finishing touch’ to the cock. After fallen behind 3-8, Cheng/Zhao tied up Pan/Tian in 8-all. Once again, Pan/Tian showed their consistency and solidifying heart with less of errors in return to lead 14-10, 17-11 and reached match point 20-14 before ended the show 21-18.

The tables were turns in the second game. Cheng/Zhao played more aggressive with their placing and beautiful net winner. Leading 11-7 in the interval, Cheng/Zhao continued their dignity into critical point 14-8 and 18-11 to force decider set 21-13.

Pan/Tian finally frustrated with their shots after Cheng/Zhao could return most of that. Then one by one Cheng/Zhao collected the points 11-5 at toilet’s break then ran into 14-7, 16-10 and 19-14 before claimed their first title 21-16.

The fabulous match also represented by two Chinese ladies, Zhu Lin (1) and Wang Yihan (6). Both of players have equaled skills in attacking and placing. But Zhu who has more experience taking first set lead 14-5 and 19-10. But then suddenly Yihan found her magic to collect 7 consecutive points from 13-20 to 20-all. Zhu almost lost her match but her spirits don’t let her down to take care this set 22-20.

At her best from, Yihan could beat Tine Rasmussen and Zhou Mi like what she did at Japan Open SS and China Masters SS 2008 and that’s what happened in the next two set. This 21-years old Shanghai girl forced her attacking smash into Zhu from 7-3, 11-8, 15-10 and finished the second set 21-13. Same things happen in the decider when she’s able to step out huge lead 18-10 before ensure her first title 21-13 over the winner World Championships 2007.

The Unexpected Final Matches

Yihan who succeeded to create the biggest upset could not followed by Gong Wijie in Men’s Singles. Weijie missed his chance after lost easily from his senior, Bao Chunlai (1) in 39 minutes straight match. In the beginning of match, all the way goes to Weijie as he leads 11-7 at the interval. But Bao strategy to play tactic and efficiently makes Weijie gave up with his game. Bao finally clinched his chance after tie up the score 13-all and 14-all. Reaching critical point first, Bao still lead the score 17-14 and 20-16 before lock the points 21-18.

In the second game Bao played very attractive in front of the net. After went down 1-5 he reverses the chance into 10-6. Weijie keep managed his score and close the gap 9-10, 11-12 and 14-15 after fallen behind 11-15. But 6 consecutive points gathered by Bao making he has to admit Bao’s victory, 21-14.

The only non-Chinese match happen in men’s doubles category which is hope more exciting than the other match suddenly becomes out of taste in the end. Japanese pair, Kenichi Hayakawa/Kenta Kazuno who destroys Amrerica’s pair Tony Gunawan/Howard Bach in the previous round performed lack of skills when they face Olympic formerly, Lee Yong Dae who partnering wih Shin Baek Cheol.

Japan’s pair did so many errors in the first set when Korea has their aggressive plays. Most of Lee/Shin points also grabbed from their attacking smash. Lee Yong Dae stirs the game from 11-6 into huge lead 17-7 and 19-9 then closed the match 21-13. Hence, Kenta or Kenichi who usually plays very well in the end also their spirit in the second round. After locked Korean from 6-all into 9-all, the Japanese let their chance slip away and thrilled behind 10-14, 13-18 and 19-14. Kenta’s smash and net play succeed in the end but it’s too late when Korea shut the door 21-16 and claimed their first victory as a new pair.

Zhao Yunlei also adding her second title in mixed doubles partnering with Xu Chen after thrilling match against their compatriot’s Zheng Bo/Ma Jin. Xu/Zhao pressing up Zheng/Ma since the beginning of first set with their fast drive shot and attacking smash. Leading 12-8 and 14-10, Xu/Zhao gave Zheng/Ma to develop their match and reversed the score 14-12 and 18-17. Zhao did very well as playmaker in the end of set before took it 21-18.

Zheng/Ma played more aggressive in the second set with smashing and beautiful placing. They net play also ran very well when they lead the way 15-12 and 17-14 after fallen behind 6-10. But some errors from Zheng/Ma make Xu/Zhao back to their game and crawled 19-17 before match point 20-18. Xu/Zhao blew their two times match point as Zheng/Ma leveled the score into 21-all but their luck finally prevail rubber set when they reach 23-21 points of victory.

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  1. Hello, Stephan Wojcikiewicz told me about your website. Good reporting, very indepth and informative. Glad to have found your site : )


    Komentar oleh Emmet Gibney — Maret 3, 2009 @ 2:19 am | Balas

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