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Mei 13, 2009

RESULTS DAY 3 SUDIRMAN CUP 2009 : The Continents War in 2A, Korea & China Claimed The Glory

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Asia ruled once again and knocked out 2 European countries in 2A. Although with unpredictable result when Marc Zwiebler frustrated Boonsak Ponsana in 3 set, Thailand finally took the match 3-2. In session 2, Korea is too strong for Danish when the home’s shuttlers picked up 5 points of victory against Japan.


Group 2A : Taipei vs France 4-1

XD : Fang Chieh Min/Cheng Wen Hsing bt Baptiste Careme/Laura Choinet 21-15, 1-15

MS : Hsueh Hsuan Yi bt Matthieu Lo Yi Ping 21-17, 21-17

WS : Chiang Pei Hsin lost to Pi Hongyan 9-21, 15-21

MD : Fang Chieh Ming/Lee Sheng Mu bt Baptiste Careme/Sylvain Grosjean 25-23, 21-5

WD : Chien Yu Chin/Cheng Wen Hsing bt Weny Rahmawaty/Elisa Chanteur 21-9, 21-12

Pi and her comrades failed to beat another Asia country after lost from Thailand yesterday. The only point sealed by herself again Chiang Pei Hsin. Taiwanese open their big chance to be the winner of group 2 and promote to group 1.

Group 2A : Thailand vs Germany 3-2

XD ; Sudket Prapakamol/Saralee Thoungthongkam bt Kristoff Hopp/Birgit Overzier 21-12, 21-13

MS : Boonsak Ponsana lost to Marc Zwiebler 21-7, 19-21, 17-21

WS : Porntip Buranaprasertsuk lost to Xu Huiawen 21-12, 13-21, 11-21

MD : Sudket Prapakamol/Saralee Thongthongkam bt Ingo Kindervater/Michael Fuchs 21-17, 21-16

WD : Duanganong Aroonkesorn/Kunchala Voravichitchaikul bt Birgit Overzier/Sandra Marinello 21-13, 21-19

Another surprising match represented by Marc Zwiebler. After thrilling behind 9-12, Marc leveled the second set 12-all. Boonsak has opportunity to take this game when he equals the point 16-all after down 12-16. But Marc never let it be easy. Play more aggressively he reaches match point 20-17 and close this set 21-19. Unfortunately Germany couldn’t ask more for doubles. With their experience, Sudket, Saralee and Kunchala sealed another 3 points of victory.


Group 1 A : Korea vs Denmark 4-1

XD : Lee Yong Dae/Lee Hyo Jung bt Joachim Fischer Nielsen/Christina Pedersen 21-16, 21-14

MS : Park Sung Hwan lost to Peter Gade 16-21, 18-21

MD : Jung Jae Sung/Lee Yong Dae bt Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen 23-21, 21-10

WS : Hwang Hye Youn bt Nanna Brosolat Jensen 10-21, 21-8, 21-11

WD : Lee Hyo Jung/Lee Kyung Won bt Kamilla Rytter Juhl/Lena Frier Kristiansen 21-13, 21-17

As many people predicted, without Tine Denmark might only steal 1 point from favorite winner of 1A, Korea. One of interesting match was in MD when Jung/Lee took their revenge over the Danes after lost in the final match Korea Super Series 2009. Boe/Nuller performed very well with their big smash and play aggressively. Having their slight to win the first set when they reach match point 20-17 and 21-20, but critical point syndrome reversed the result for Korea, 23-21.

Group 1 B : China vs Japan 5-0

MD : Fu Haifeng/Cai Yun bt Kenta Kazuno/Kenichi Hayakawa 21-14, 21-13

WS : Wang Yihan bt Mayu Sekiya 21-10, 22-20

MS : Lin Dan bt Sho Sasaki 21-12, 21-13

WD : Du Jing/Yu Yang bt Mizuki Fukii/Reika Kakiiwa 21-10, 21-9

XD : Zheng Bo/Ma Jin bt Noriyasu Hirata/Satoko Suetsuna 21-11, 25-23

After won 5-0 over England, the Chinese doubled their glory to beat Japan 5-0. The Japanese too close to make it rubber in WS and XD. Yihan locked with her unforced error in the 2nd set and thrilling behind 7-15 before she close the gap 16-17. Sekiya took match point 20-18 but Yihan couldn’t let it easy and forced to end this set 23-21.  Another trick of victory also taken by Noriyasu and Satoko when they’d fallen behind 15-18 then equal the score 18-all. Noriyasu/Satoko push the Chinese to the high tense of critical point. With only 1 ‘gap’ point until 23-all, Zheng/Ma finally cracked the score 25-23.

Tomorrow’s Matches (13 May 2009) :

SESSION 1 (01.00 PM) :

Group 2B : Poland vs Rusia, Singapore vs Netherlands

SESSION 2 (07.00 PM) :

Group 2A : Thailand vs Taipei, Germany vs France

Group 1A : Korea vs Hongkong

Group 1B : Japan vs England



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